Will or Living Trust

Lets face it, Death is going to happen to all of us! Regardless if we talk about it or not. You have worked to hard and you have personal Items or saved money or property that you would like to pass down. Make sure you get these things passed down to the right people the way you want.

Everyone should get this done! Do it for your loved ones, If you don't the courts (probate) get to decide where your personal belongings go and it will be expensive and time consuming for your loved ones.

Everyone should at least have a will. I chose to have a Living Trust (revocable trust) we are in the process now. With a Living Trust your estate avoids probate court. This will save your loved ones a lot of unnecessary time and money. (months and up to $10,000 in probate and lawyer fees) The living trust cost about $1500-$3000 to set up. this is a fraction of the cost when your estate goes through probate. With or without a simple Will your estate has to pass through probate and will be in public records. But with a Will in place you decide who or where your treasured belongings go.

With the Living Trust you put your assets In the Trust while your still alive and can have detailed instructions on who gets what and when. The best part is the executor of the trust is in control the moment you die. You get to keep it out of the courts and private, you make it easy for your already grieving Loved ones.

Whether you like to talk or think about this or not. One thing is a guarantee we are all going to physically leave this earth. Once you acknowledge that you will truly be able to live! So get your Will and Trust in place!

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