When Life Happens

When your car breaks down, or your heat stops working, or worse yet you get hurt and cant work for days or even weeks. This is life and it will happen. For most, it is the unexpected things like I just mentioned that drives us deeper into debt. Well I hate to say it, but these things aren't unexpected. You might not know when they will happen but they will happen. So you need an Emergency fund for when this happens usually at the worst possible time. Start today open a bank account at a different bank than the one you use. and every payday set up an automatic transfer to start building your Emergency fund. Three to six months of cash savings is the goal. Set up the automatic transfers to this and leave it alone. This fund will prevent you from reaching for your credit card when these things happen. When you do use this fund for an emergency make sure to pay back the money you used into the emergency fund. A funny thing happens when you have an emergency fund in place. Your more at peace, and its like all your emergency's go away or you find a way to cash flow the emergency's. And no Christmas is not an Emergency! Set up this account with automatic transfers today!

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