The power of focus

Have you ever tried to do multiple things at the same time? You know those multitaskers out there. I use to think I was good at it. Then I was having a conversation with my wife and she was making the kids lunches and breakfast before they went to school and checking her calendar and emails on her phone all while we were having a conversation. All I can say is that I witnessed French toast go into a sandwich bag and the sandwich go on the breakfast plate. I don't even think she heard a word I said, after giving me a complimentary "really" after I paused and me and the boys laughed at the mishaps happening. We have all done this thing called multitasking and we think were good at it. But all the stuff we are doing is only getting a tiny bit of our attention, and it usually takes us a lot longer to complete one of those things if we don't screw it up and have to do it again.

Then those times where your doing something and you are focus right in on it, and time seams to stand still. everything seams to be going right and if it doesn't you figure out a solution and keep moving forward. Then when that's complete you move onto the next task and put all your focus on that one and knock that one out. Some call it being in the Zone.

So if you have multiple debts and don't know where to begin. Pay the minimum on all of them except the smallest debt you have. Take the minimum and all extra money that you can squeeze out of your budget and focus it on that smallest debt you have until its payed off. Then when that's gone take all your focus to your next smallest debt. use the money from the debt you just paid off and all extra money you can find in the couch or from selling anything that's not nailed down and attack this debt. As you pay off more and more debts you'll have more and more money to throw at the next debt in line.

This is about focus, victory's, and momentum!

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