The Car Payment

The car payment is what I believe, why most of us are not wealthy! I was told at a young age that I would always have a car payment. I always thought and believed this to be true. After all, you need a reliable/safe vehicle to drive the kids around or to get back and forth to work. A vehicle is defiantly a necessity for most of us. but if you can save up and pay cash for your vehicle you will win with money! In the beginning it will be a fixer upper but as time goes on you will be able to save more and keep upgrading to a better ride. But a funny thing happens when you spend your own money (not borrowed numbers that you sign for) you actually search out a good deal or even rather a fixer upper. Although the vehicle is something most of us need it is also the biggest liability that most of us buy. Do the math take what you spend on a vehicle payment every month and put it in the bank. and invest it. When the time comes for an upgrade use some or all of it for your next vehicle. So instead of paying interest on your money earn the interest.

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