Our Money Blueprint

Everything we do is related to how we were either brought up or something we learned along the way. Most lessons that stick with us usually caused us pain in some way or another and we either consciously or subconsciously avoid at all cost.

Money is everything to most of us! It literally controls just about everything in our lives. Think about it, We get up everyday to go to a job to make money. If we don't have to work or even during work we spend money. The cycle continues, until that Magical day comes for retirement, most of us hope. Unfortunately most of us are to busy saying you only live ones while we dig deeper and deeper into debt buying stuff that goes down in value or ends up in a dumpster in a couple years

Everything from commercials to adds are against us. We look at our neighbor and see that he or she has nice things. So subconsciously we want them too. This to often exceeds our needs and puts us into the Rat race of life. Buy more.....Go to work to pay for it. Its the dog chasing its tail.

Yes I know we have to work, you need money to live. But being in debt is what keeps you in the job you don't like or keeps you from the things that are truly important in life! I love talking to old people, because they talk about experiences in there life. Not to often do I ever hear them talk about all the stuff they had. One thing they all say is that, "everyone is so busy, they need to stop and smell the roses" Or do you ever hear someone say they wished they worked more. its usually the opposite.

Its never to late, your blueprints can be changed! Work Like a dog, get out of debt to free yourself and start living your life on your terms!

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