My journey to becoming debt free

Two years ago I had, my moment of truth, you know the moment where I said I'm sick of tired of doing this! "this" was my credit card bill. That had again managed to climb back up to a balance of $3000 dollars. "I just paid this off last month, and its already up to $3000 dollars again!"

This started my journey. I started searching the Internet for anything on how to become rich. "If I was rich I would not have these problems." That lead me to a world of financial podcasts and books. What I found out in my deep dive into my problem with money is that having more money wasn't going to solve my problems, well temporarily it would. It was the self help section of books and podcasts that I fell into. It wasn't a money problem, it was me and how I thought and my beliefs about money. How I handled my money, I had no idea where it was going. Well I had a good idea, especially when I realized that the delivery driver from Amazon was in my driveway daily. So I started paying off my debts. one by one they started to disappear. The hard part for me was to stay focused and stop spending money on 'STUFF'!! I worked any and all overtime I could. I sold stuff around the house, that I didn't need. Most of all I would day dream what it was going to be like when I had no more DEBT! The motivation was just that, Being Debt Free! The podcasts and audio books while driving around at my job helped remind me why I was working all these crazy hours, and that it was only temporary. It took me and my wife with two teenage boys two years to clean up all our consumer debt and to build an emergency fund. We still have a mortgage, but we are chopping away at that as well.

I can't explain how this process has changed my life. Being Debt Free has changed my marriage, my relationship with my boys, how I interact with friends and family and even strangers. I feel like I have made it back to ground zero and now I have changed my goals from getting out of debt to staying out of debt and building wealth.

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