Money Talks

After identifying and Attacking my irresponsible spending habits, Then following the plan to get out of debt. All I did was talk about money and how to tweak our family budget to make it better. I mean I was so excited to try and tell everyone about my journey and how it changed my life, And how bad money habits, had affected my life and my family's life while growing up. Only now do I look back and see the disfunction it caused, and It doesn't have to be that way.

People avoid talking about money. I'm not sure why? I think its considered rude, really not sure why though? Honestly I think there are two sides of it. the "middle class" that spend/finance for everything then stress over all the debt they have created. basically trying to keep up with the Jones. (This is most of us, defiantly was me, and I didn't even realize it)

Then the other side of it where the people that have great money habits and reach the point where they can afford all the nice cars and other luxuries, that I use to buy with financing, these people buy with cash.

The strange thing is for the so called middle class I witness over and over again (shame, embarrassment, guilt, and fear) I'm guessing about there habits with there money and the lack of money due to all these habits. I also see these same emotions in a lot of wealthy people. The kid that gets a ride to school and wants to be dropped off around the corner so his friends don't see him/her get out of the Mercedes-Benzes. Or I'm sure we have all said it before "It must be nice."

What I could never understand is we all want to be wealthy/rich. But when that time comes for the ones that work and save. Its like they crossed a line and everyone labels them, and says "it must be nice." Not seeing all the sacrifices it took to them to get there.

Most millionaires are first generation millionaires so that means they figured out how to manage there money, and If you talk to them most of them will tell you to keep debt out of your life. And for there kids that carry on the legacy and build on it (getting wealthier and wealthier generation after generation) Guess what they do? They talk to there kids about money and how to handle it! They talk and show them by example!

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