Credit Card Trap

The credit card is a prime example of the instant gratification trap. I know, I know you get free miles and all the cash back on using those cards. The truth is most of us would not buy most of the things we buy using a credit card if we replaced the credit card with cash instead.

I'm a spender or use to be anyways. Its easy and feels good to buy something with a credit card, until the bill comes around. Then the cycle begins, feel bad, use card you feel good momentarily. Bill comes feel bad, use card to feel good again. I hear it all the time, "I pay it off every month." or "I only use the card if I have the money." The problem with using the credit card is you don't feel the pain of the money actually leaving your hands. For this reason I chose to pay off and get rid of my credit cards. Definitely not for everyone but that's what worked for me.

Spending money is a habit that defiantly feels good. Saving money is also a habit that feels good. The key to unlocking the door to wealth is pay off your debt and stop accruing debt at the same time. Then the habit of saving is more powerful than the instant gratification of the unnecessary spending. When you get to this point everything changes.

This takes work! You can wander into debt, unfortunately you cant wander out of debt. You have to scratch, claw and fight to get out of it!

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